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by Piyush Agarwal
Grow Daily Marketing Podcast

GDP Ep35 - The Art of Delegation


Delegation is not just a skill that can be acquired but an art that needs to be mastered to ensure that as a entrepreneur we are able to grow our business many times. Piyush talks about various ways you can master this art and get better at assigning tasks without being a micro manager. Here are the topics covered in this episode: Why delegation is important for growth Delegate tasks that are not strategic but workflow based Hire right & delegate tasks prioritizing their careers Be a teacher and not the employer Trust and have faith Join the "Grow Daily Podcast" mailing list here - http://bit.ly/2BdfDgX If you have any feedback or comments, please drop a mail to hello@piyushagarwal.com Do subscribe to the channel, share among your friends and add your review to help us keep growing.



by Piyush Agarwal