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by Oliver Dowson
Grow Through International Expansion

International Sales – Getting the Hiring Right with Zach Selch | Global Sales Mentor #49


Without sales, there’s no business – and so it’s easy to argue that one’s sales force are amongst your most important employees. Any executive will tell you that it’s hard enough hiring, motivating and retaining good sales people in your home country – but when setting up an international subsidiary, it’s that much harder.

Even where there’s no language barrier, your best sales person may struggle to succeed in another country. Even if you’re successful in hiring a great sales person in your new country, the sales methodology and support materials that work well for you at home may not be right.

So how do you get this critical element of your international expansion right? In this podcast, Zach Selch is talking with our host, Oliver Dowson.

Zach Selch is the VP Global Sales for a high tech medical company and coaches and mentors Global Sales Leaders. Over 30 years he has sold in more than 135 countries, lived in 6 countries and has driven sales growth, adding hundreds of millions of dollars to the value of companies by building their international footprint.

Zach is an ex-paratrooper, a father of 3 and boxes, smokes brisket (beef), and runs a soup kitchen when he isn’t on the road. Zach was in Germany when the wall went down, Jordan when peace with Israel was signed, has breakfasted with the Dalai Lama, and has been in the right place for a surprising number of right times.

Growing the international sales footprint is one of the very best ways to grow the value of a company, but when done poorly can also be one of the best ways to sink a small company or cripple a midmarket company. In this podcast, Zach discusses how to build revenue and the value of a company by getting the international sales process right. Zach believes that sales is an art and a science and isn’t something to be acted on impulsively or emotionally.

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by Oliver Dowson