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After attribution: what's next in marketing measurement


First-party data? Content fortresses? Incrementality?

2020 was crazy for everyone. 2021 is crazier for mobile marketers, who are facing complete disruption in how they keep score, measure success, and report on growth.

Attribution's not gone, but it is changing. You still get some last-click data in iOS with SKAdNetwork, and of course on Android, but it's less clear, less direct, and -- for Android -- probably not long-lived. What other data do you have to measure the impact of your marketing?

That exactly what we chat about with Tinuiti's Liz Emery ... possibly the smartest agency-based marketer. We chat about iOS 14.5, Android 12, Facebook AMM (advanced mobile measurement) deprecation, opportunities, media mix modeling, incrementality, first-party data, mergers & acquisitions, and much, much more.

We end with this: what will remain true in marketing ... regardless of technology, data, and regulation changes?

0:00 Everything is broken

1:49 Attribution + more data

5:04 In-app analytics for marketers

6:28 Historical data for marketers

8:28 Flight to Android?

10:39 Facebook Advanced Mobile Measurement (AMM)

14:02 Android app set ID and more

16:19 First party data

18:12 Mergers & acquisitions & content fortresses

22:06 Owned media, lifecycle marketing, social

23:52 Agencies and mobile marketing

27:37 Liz rocks


Episode 30

Season 1

by Singular