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by Singular
Growth Masterminds: mobile growth podcast

InMobi CEO on data, privacy, payment freedom on iOS, & InMobi Telco


We chat with InMobi CEO Abhay Singhal on Epic vs Apple, IDFA and iOS 14.5, and especially the company's new InMobi Telco on-device platform.

"There are over 800 telcos in the world and each one, if you talk to them today, has an ambition of becoming a large media company," Singhal says.

We're seeing on-device ad platforms achieve significant success, with companies like ironSource Aura, AppNext, and Digital Turbine scoring very high on the 2021 Singular ROI Index. Most of them include on-device app discovery via a persistent experience on new devices and a set-up wizard upon activation. They can tie into the home and/or lock screens, and offer live updates on new apps to try.

We also chat about IDFA and iOS 14.5, the Epic Games vs Apple legal settlement impacting third-party payment options on iOS, and much more ...

0:00 On-device app discovery

3:10 Lock screen and home screen ads

5:09 Telcos as media companies

8:11 Custom version of Android?

9:32 iOS 14 and IDFA

14:40 Apple vs Epic Games


Episode 32

Season 1

by Singular