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GSA on Aging

GSA Interest Group Podcast: Aging is Becoming a Nobody

GSA on Aging
GSA on Aging

Dr. Harry R. Moody joins the GSA Religion, Spirituality, and Aging Interest Group to share religious concerns and spiritual insights on paths to being a nobody. Listen for more as we plumb depths of storytelling, scientific research, public health, wisdom, love and aging. We hope our conversation will help hearts come alive, even for a tiny second.

Recommended Reading:

  • Dass, R. (2001). Still here: Embracing aging, changing, and dying. Penguin.
  • Moody, H. R., & Carroll, D. (1998). The five stages of the soul: Charting the spiritual passages that shape our lives. Anchor.
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Guest: Harry (Rick) Moody, PhD, Visiting Faculty, Fielding Graduate University.

Host: Stephen John Fogle, Doctoral Candidate, University of Nebraska at Omaha.

GSA on Aging
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