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Curiosity is a Human Emotion: environmentalist David de Rothschild and activist Sinéad Burke.


In honour of International Beat Plastic Pollution Day, June 7th, renowned environmentalist David de Rothschild connects with Sinéad Burke. David, otherwise known as the 'Lost Explorer’ is celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the launch of The Plastiki, a 60-foot catamaran he made entirely from 12,500 reclaimed plastic bottles which he sailed across the Pacific. Sinéad is a writer, academic, teacher and disability advocate whose work focuses on inclusivity within fashion and design industries. She campaigns for the inclusion of all, particularly those whose voices struggle to be heard.

Recorded remotely from two opposite corners of the globe, listen as they deep dive into the importance of nurturing and cultivating curiosity across all ages, the benefits of learning as well as unlearning and why pushing the boundaries of our comfort zones by either exploring or unpicking difficult conversations is so important.

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