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Richard Hell, punk legend and writer discusses his art featuring in Gucci Fall Winter 2020.


For Alessandro Michele’s return to Menswear in January of this year with the Fall Winter 2020 collection, hosted at the Palazzo delle Scintille in Milan, punk legend and writer Richard Hell was seated on the front row. Revealed on the runway were a lineup of T-shirts which featured word combinations from Richard Hell's book 'Psychopts,' created in collaboration with his friend and artist Christopher Wool. Original artworks include pairs of words overlapping one another, such as ‘think’ with ‘thank’ and ‘impatient’ with ‘impotent’ which were featured in the Menswear collection as slogan T-shirts.
Throughout the years, from his punk band era through to career as a writer, Richard Hell has been collecting these unusual word combinations. In this podcast, Richard is interviewed by William Ndatira, otherwise known as William Cult on Instagram. Their conversation is themed around words and more specifically around Freudian slips. Together they discuss Richard’s word pairings seen in the Gucci Fall Winter 2020 collection, the story behind his book 'Psychopts' as well as his hugely successful and vibrant career. To end the episode and in exploration of Richard’s unlikely word combinations, William asks his friends to share anecdotes of the times when they had unwittingly mixed up words themselves.



by Gucci