Gucci Podcast

Sneaker culture through the lens of innovation and creativity with Helen Kirkum and Jacques Slade.


Celebrating Gucci’s first Virtual Sneaker and the Sneaker Garage feature on the Gucci App, this episode brings together some of the most creative minds within the sneaker world.
Host Chris Danforth, in discussion with guests Helen Kirkum and Jacques Slade, covers how creativity has helped and will continue to influence the evolution of sneakers from the streets to the runaway and how the digital world can further develop the role of sneakers in society.
Chris is a freelance writer and photographer who has worked as a sneakers editor for Highsnobiety and Hypebeast.
Helen is a London based designer and artist who recreates sneakers from recycled materials by breaking them down into their component parts and rebuilding.
Jacques, otherwise known as Kustoo on social media, is a worldwide sneaker expert and one of the most influential sneaker-heads on YouTube.
This episode of the Gucci Podcast is brought to you by The SneakerPod, the sneaker podcast by nss magazine.
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