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Vanessa Grall uncovers La Scarzuola, the set of Gucci Bloom's new campaign.


Blossoming into life, the new Gucci Bloom campaign is set in a garden of dreams at the revered La Scuarzuola, a mystical landmark found deep in Italy's Umbrian hills near Orvieto in Italy.

La Scuarzuola is a surrealist architectural compound built around an old Franciscan convent, designed by architect Tomaso Buzzi in the late 1950s with stairs and bridges that lead no where, this enchanting and mysterious place becomes the set of a campaign for the first time and is transformed to express a dream filled with flowers and plants.

To celebrate the new Gucci Bloom visionary campaign, we will hear a story, written and read by Vanessa Grall, writer and founder of the blog Messy Nessy Chic. Vanessa, or “Nessy", has spent the last few years dedicating her blog to discovering the quirks and curiosities of Paris and beyond. Given the curious nature of this magical garden, in this episode she explores in her own words the secrets and story of La Scuarzuola - the magical set of Gucci Bloom's new campaign.



by Gucci