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Have You Seen?

Andy Harries on The Crown (SPECIAL EPISODE)

Have You Seen?
Have You Seen?

Have You Seen? is the podcast for people who LOVE television.

This week, we've got a special episode all about The Crown. 

We're joined by Andy Harries, who is the executive producer of The Crown, and runs Left Bank Pictures, the production company that makes the show.

Andy is here to talk about the first 4 episodes of the new series that has just dropped on Netflix, and the final 6 that will be released on December 14th. 

We also cover the story of how the show began (and very nearly didn’t get made at all), what might come after the final episode airs (prequels?), and the unlikely link between Helen Mirren’s return to Prime Suspect on ITV in 2003 and the arrival of The Crown more than a decade later.

We’d love to hear from you, our listeners. What hidden gems are we missing? What are we getting wrong?

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This episode is also special - but in a much less fun way - because Mariella is away this week. But don’t worry, she’ll be back with us next Thursday

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