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Have You Seen?

Steph McGovern on Frasier, The Reckoning, and Big Brother

Have You Seen?
Have You Seen?

Have You Seen? is the podcast for people who LOVE television.

Mariella and Peter are on a mission to make sure you never waste your time sitting through shows that just aren’t worth the bother.

In a rare spare moment between presenting the BAFTA nominated Steph’s Packed Lunch and her own podcast The Rest Is Money, Steph McGovern joins Peter and Mariella to help them canter through what’s on this week.

Up for discussion in this episode : the long awaited Frasier reboot on Paramount Plus, 18 years after the original ended. Steve Coogan’s chilling performance in the BBC’s controversial Jimmy Savile drama The Reckoning. And the return of Big Brother to ITV.

We’d love to hear from you, our listeners. What hidden gems are we missing? What are we getting wrong?

Our email address is HaveYouSeen@expectationtv.com. You can get in touch via WhatsApp on 07535 488 281 (better yet, send us a voice note). Or you can follow our socials on Instagram and Twitter/X at @HaveYouSeenPod 

New episodes every Thursday.

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The producer is Owen Braben

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Have You Seen?
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