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Head Above Water

Easter Break


Day 1 - Joshua 10:1-8 God knows your shortfalls, and though you think you have it all together, you don’t. None of us do. And one of our greatest failings is loving others. This is where our Gibeons are so helpful. We likely don’t need them for friendship or protection, but to keep us humble. To teach us how to love sacrificially and selflessly. Who is your Gibeon? What can you do this week to reflect the love of Christ to him or her? Day 2 - Joshua 10:9-15 Likewise, “but God” is the key to our victories, both internal and external. “But God” is what takes hold of our sour attitude and gives us love in its place. “But God” is what gives us the courage to stand on the gospel when the culture around us pushes back. “But God” is what enables us to cling to our faith even in the darkest nights of pain and suffering. “But God” is the power of God working the gospel in us and through us. (See Eph. 2:1-10.) What is your “but God” testimony? Who have you shared it with recently? Day 3 - Joshua 10:16-43 Yes, God had been the One delivering victory after victory. And yes, there was still work to be done—the northern cities had to be defeated so that all of the land would be Israel’s possession. But God’s people needed rest. Just as God established Sabbath rest in the creation account and just as Israel abstained from collecting manna on the Sabbath, we see here a reminder of our limits as people. Even while doing the Lord’s work, we need to find time to rest. How do you guard time to rest as a rhythm of life? Do you tend to fall more toward working too much or resting too much? Why? Day 4 - Joshua 11:1-23 In verse 15, we see how Joshua and the next generation were wise not to repeat the same mistake of faithlessness. At the conclusion of the conquest, we read that Joshua was faithful to obey all God had commanded which led to the successful conquest of the land. God was not just after a portion of faithful obedience, He was after full faithful obedience. Each battle and each step in each battle was a step of faith for Joshua and the Israelites. They could not have picked and chosen which steps to take and which not to take. They had to walk fully in faith, and when they did, they were successful. God was not after their obedience in isolation—just as He is not after ours. Instead, He is after our faith, which is made known through our obedience. In what areas of your life are you struggling to walk fully in faith? Why? What steps can you take toward more faithfulness? Day 5 - Joshua 12:1-24 God had won each one of them through Israel and for Israel. This is what God wanted the people to remember. He wanted them to be able to look back on the conquest and not remember one convoluted victory. He wanted them to remember precisely what He had done to give them the victory—what He had done thirty-one times. Each fallen king was a testament to God’s power and a reminder of His provision for His people. That is what they would need to remember. What have you done to record and remember the many victories God has won for you? --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/head-above-water/support