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by K Steven Whiting
Healthy Information

Corona Virus Discussion with the Living Legend John Howard


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Corona Virus Discussion with the Living Legend John Howard

I am pleased to have as my guest on this podcast my good friend and Olympic athlete John Howard. John has competed in and won more titles in the world of cycling than anyone else. For many year he geld the world speed record on a bike. He has competed in several Iron Man Triathlons and now over the age of 70 He still enjoys an active lifestyle cycling for enjoyment.

He teaches and coaches other cyclists on performance. Today we talk about the role that exercise and supplements have played in his phenomenal success and how those same principles now allow him to lead a full active life without slowing down. He stresses how a combination of exercise and the use of a Full Spectrum Supplement can help you to achieve your life goals as well.

Even though you may not be a competitive athlete, you can still reap the benefits today and in your future. By using the best vitamins for a man or the best vitamins for a woman, you provide your body with the best possible support for your internal biochemistry, which in turn allows your body to better take care of you. He attributes his longevity in the demanding sport of cycling to the long term use of Full Spectrum Supplements from Phoenix Nutritionals.

He stresses the importance of consuming a healthy diet as well. We talked about the current health crisis and how being fit and taking supplements can help the body to deal with potentially harmful pathogens of all kinds. Having a healthy immune system is of paramount importance during these times. John Howard agrees that supporting the immune system with key nutrients shown to support a healthy immune system is especially important right now. Every day your body needs at least 100+ nutrients to function properly.

If these nutrients are deficient or missing altogether, it can result in reducing your optimal wellness and your ability to have the best possible energy and vitality. According to the National Institutes of Health most of us are up to 50% deficient in many of these essential nutrients for energy and vitality. We discussed how not all supplements are made the same and many of them do not contain the 100+ nutrients we feel are essential for energy and vitality. John Howard is a living legend and a living example of what a lifetime of exercise and Full Spectrum Supplements can provide. He also stressed that it’s never too late to start practicing a healthier lifestyle by getting some exercise, even if it’s just walking, and to also take a Full Spectrum multi vitamin/mineral supplement every day.



by K Steven Whiting