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by K Steven Whiting
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Inflammation Dangers



Hello everyone this is Dr. Whiting and today I want to talk to you about something that’s a very serious problem and it’s much wider spread than most people think and that’s inflammation you see there is a lot of different types of inflammation first and foremost there is in the acute inflammation that’s the kind that most of us are familiar with as when you twist your ankle sprain your ankle your wrist you overstretch you over exercise you pull a muscle and it swells on and the pain is quite significant well that is what we call acute inflammation and that inflammation is a good thing because it’s designed to protect the injury from greater damage and that’s something that is essential because if it wasn’t for that stiffness and that pain we probably keep overworking that muscle or that joint or that tendon again and again and that’s not something that we want to do so in that instance inflammation is your friend now we move along to what we call chronic inflammation and chronic inflammation is something that we experience usually in connection with the chronic degenerative disorder examples would be arthritis bursitis and other joint and connective tissue disorders and when this occurs inflammation is not always a good thing because the constant inflammation in that joint for example or in that area produces more and more damage over time because what we looking at is the inflammatory response is something that is highly reactive and as the joint deteriorates due to ongoing inflammation the inflammation increases synovial fluid is injected into the into the joint which in and of itself is pro-inflammatory and that goes on and it goes on it goes on the third form of inflammation is what we call silent inflammation and we call it that because you can’t feel it silent inflammation is going on in your body 24 hours a day seven days a week but because it is so slight you can’t detect it which is what makes it even more dangerous perhaps than any other form of inflammation because we don’t pay attention to it and therefore we don’t do anything about it and that’s not a good thing because ongoing silent inflammation can contribute to and be caused by many chronic degenerative disorders some of them would include diabetes heart disease a liver inflammation I leading the fatty liver and so on and so on so it is very important that we want to control silent inflammation as much as possible now I think most everybody is familiar with the over-the-counter anti-inflammatories there mostly called NSAIDs or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs these are fine especially for acute onset inflammation and even to some extent for chronic inflammation but there prolonged use has their own set of side effects and those side effects get worse the longer we use them the good news is that there is a group of nutrients that act as natural anti-inflammatory agents now while there are not always as strong as the over-the-counter or prescription drugs but their ideal for silent inflammation and because you can take them every day day in and day out there ideal for managing silent inflammation if you have diabetes and heart disease if you been diagnosed with insulin resistance if you have been diagnosed with a nonalcoholic fatty liver



by K Steven Whiting