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by K Steven Whiting
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Legacy Series 2 - Preventing & Reversing Heart Disease


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Preventing & Reversing Heart Disease

Revised 2021, Copyright K. Steven Whiting

Heart Disease and Stroke take more people from their life prematurely than any other cause.  This number one killer strikes a new victim every 2 seconds! During the last 15 years, America and many other countries as well, have followed the ‘low fat diet’.  In fact, almost everything labelled “healthy” is also low fat or non-fat.  Yet, despite this fanaticism, Heart Disease has not diminished.  Furthermore, one of the number one factors in Heart Disease, obesity, has risen during that same period, in greater numbers, than at any other time in history!

While awareness as to the importance of such factors as diet, stress management and exercise have helped people deal with this killer; these factors have never been fully understood. One of the areas of greatest confusion must be diet.  Atherosclerosis, the cause of most Heart Disease is, itself, caused by diet, but not the factors of diet that we have been told. Are there answers to Heart Disease other than by-pass surgery?  Yes!  Like most chronic disease conditions, it’s cause lies in an altered biochemistry.  When the biochemistry is corrected, the disease process is interrupted and the body is in the best possible position to help itself. At the heart of this change in biochemistry must be diet.  The dietary recommendations of The American Heart Association have failed miserably in curbing the epidemic of Heart Disease; yet this protocol, with its dismal history, is still preached from every medical alter in the world.  ‘Watch your Cholesterol.  Reduce the intake of animal fats.  Eat margarine.  Eat less protein and eat more starch.’

It might surprise you to know that Cholesterol, that evil terrible substance, or so we are told, that gets into your arteries and kills you, has NEVER caused one case of heart disease or death!  Further, there has never been even one clinical study to show that Cholesterol has ever been at fault.  Yet, we are still being brainwashed about this natural, essential fatty substance. In order to gain control of this runaway horse called Heart Disease, we must look towards its cause.  You may be both surprised and disgusted to find out that the real cause of Heart Disease was first identified in 1974.  Yet despite this discovery 30 years ago, NOTHING has changed in the programs to prevent or manage this condition. Through the application of medicine’s reactive methods to this Chronic Disease, the bypass operation was developed.  While this procedure can save lives in an emergency, it does NOTHING to stop the progression of the illness, leaving most bypass patients facing the same procedure again in five to seven years. Through this report, we will examine the REAL causes of Heart Disease and how you can intervene, at almost any stage, and begin reversing the process which got you to that point in the first place.  As with all Chronic Disease, Heart Disease is best prevented rather than treated.  But take heart (pun intended) even if you have been diagnosed with Heart Disease, there is a tremendous amount you can do to help your body heal.

Coronary Thrombosis -The 20th Century Killer

As the twentieth century passes into the history books, it will have to be written that it was the century of the Heart Attack.  Prior to the twentieth century, Coronary Thrombosis, or the ‘Heart Attack’, was virtually unknown. 


Episode 2

by K Steven Whiting