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by Sarah Saffari
Hidden Potential with Sarah Saffari

How to Go From Nothing to Complete Freedom with Hansika Silva


Join your host Sarah Saffari and this week’s guest Hansika Silva as they open up about their entrepreneurial journey and how they overcame indecisions and self-doubt at the beginning of their business. Hansika shares how working on self-development and attending mastermind events had – and still has – a huge impact on her life, which reflects almost entirely on her business.

“If this was easy, if it were super easy building a 7-figure business for yourself, everyone would do it. If you do stick with it and in your heart and in your soul you know that you’ve got this fire in you and you’re meant to do this, I promise you you’ll get there.” – Hansika Silva

You will also hear some great insights on relationships and dating. Growing a relationship and a business at the same time is possible, but making time for each of them is a skill that requires practice. This skill is fully connected with how you step into your feminine energy and separate from your masculine energy to not transmit the same dominant actions from your business to your partner. Sarah and Hansika explain how practicing this skill is a choice.

“I love dedicating my time towards work but getting into dating, you obviously have to have some balance.” – Hansika Silva

The episode also touches on a very important topic, which is resilience. Building a company from scratch takes time, persistence and courage; but if you stick with it, you’ll be rewarded. That faith is the only thing separating you from nothing to complete freedom.

About Hansika Silva

Hansika Silva is a business coach and entrepreneur. She works with other professionals & business coaches by growing their companies exponentially using high-ticket strategies. Hansika and Sarah’s mentorship company CEOwned was founded in 2019 with the mission of helping individuals to thrive and find greatness in their careers.

Key Timestamps

[01:45] – Hansika tells us how she shifted gears at her career;

[05:25] – How Hansika built her business by also working on self-development;

[10:43] – Dating and being an entrepreneur can coexist (if you want it to);

[18:12] – How to step into your feminine when you’re out of work;

[24:15] – How to attract the exact type of person by being that person;

[28:57] – The dynamics of making money in a relationship;

[34:16] – Hansika’s final advice on being resilient and persistent with your business;

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Episode 12

by Sarah Saffari