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by Jake Rauchbach
High-Performance Mindfulness with Jake Rauchbach

Joe Oniwor - Former UNLV Linebacker Talks Mindfulness, Awareness, and Know Thyself


Coach Joe Joseph Oniwor transformational coach specializing with women over 48 physical making mentally, emotional changes in the second half off their life joins the show!

UNLV Linebacker & Pro arena football player turned breakthrough transformation trainer who has been in the fitness industry for 28 years. Currently, he is focusing on helping others regain confidence within themselves and pursue their dreams. Joe is a firm believer that if you incorporate mindfulness, holistic lifestyle changes, and a healthy workout regimen into your life, your passion will become a reality. In his past, Joe and his family had struggled with weight and health. By turning to a healthier lifestyle, he was able to lose up to 110 lbs. 

Coach Jake and Coaching Joe talk about metacognition, awareness, and more!

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Episode 41

Season 1

by Jake Rauchbach