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S2E1 - Shaadi Ke Side Effects | Reality Interview| Hindi| Marriage



©️Voiceadda Side Effects of Marriage | Shaadi Ke Side Effects For people : who are planning to get married or recently got married, will get to learn from little incidences or ups and downs of married couples, how they should be  surfing the waves and how they may need to adjust or make up their minds or learn or to live in a new way as a couple For married people: to learn they are not alone sabhi shaadiyon main aisa hota hai..and how to handle tough, tensed situations through other married couples'  experiences. For everyone to know how beautiful the bond called marriage is and how important it is for the social well being. Hindi. Couple Goals. Couples Relationship. Love. Matrimony. Shadi.com do you know that person?



by www.voiceadda.com