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by Prof. Greg Jackson
History That Doesn't Suck

92: The Brooklyn Bridge, or the Story of the Roebling Family


“John Roebling has not the leisure to wait upon any man.”

This is the story of a bridge and a family.

John Roebling is weary of the oppressive, bureaucratic Prussian government. He’s heard from his professor–Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel–that the United States is a land of opportunity. Those factors combined lead the driven über productive German to immigrate, where he introduces wire rope to his new adopted homeland and takes bridge building to another level.

But can he span the great East River–in reality a saltwater tidal strait full of hazards–that divides the separate and distinct cities of Brooklyn and New York? He has an idea. But as he moves forward, this bridge will quickly become a deadly and life altering family affair.
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by Prof. Greg Jackson