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by Mandy Gill
Hooked on Habits hosted by Mandy Gill

Lane Merrifield: Selling Club Penguin For $350 Million At 28 Years Old. CBC's Newest Dragon On 'Dragons' Den'


From running a remote control crocodile in Disney's Lion King parade at 16 years old, to selling Club Penguin with his business partner Lance for $350 million at 28 years old.

Welcome to the first episode of Hooked on Habits with Lane Merrifield, CBC's newest Dragon on 'Dragons' Den'. 
Here's why you don't want to miss this episode:

  • Lane was gripped by fear at one point in his life, find out how he turned his fear into a propellant. And steps for you to, too. 
  • What is the best business model from 'Dragon' Lane Merrifield's perspective?
  • What one habit is Lane ready to give up?
  • How Lane and Lance grew Club Penguin from four employees to 180 employees in 18 months. 
  • And much more! 

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Episode 1

Season 1

by Mandy Gill