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by Mandy Gill
Hooked on Habits hosted by Mandy Gill

Michael Rossi: Adidas Canada President Bets On Himself In A Life-Changing Career Decision


Imagine making a life-changing career move in the middle of 2020 to bet on yourself, and your dreams? 

That’s what Michael Rossi, the president of Adidas Canada has done. He is stepping down from his role with the company of over 18 years. Regardless of what is happening in the outside world with news, and constant updates coming our way, Michael says 'when it's time for change, when it's time for growth, it's full steam ahead!'.

Where to next for Michael? Listen to find out, and be inspired to take control of your own destiny with the habits Michael's developed to get where he is today. 

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Episode 3

Season 1

by Mandy Gill