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by Mandy Gill
Hooked on Habits hosted by Mandy Gill

Riaz Meghji: Every Conversation Counts - The 5 Habits of Human Connection That Build Extraordinary Relationships


What if you could ask powerful questions that create breakthrough moments? Lead by listening, and remove your distractions? Put aside your perfect persona and engage others on a deeper level?

If all these possibilities sound inviting, why are we so connected, and yet so alone—and how can we reconnect?

My guest Riaz Meghji digs deep into the reality that we all crave connection. We were never meant to live alone, or communicate only in “likes” and retweets. Riaz shares personal insights from powerful interviews in his 17+ years of on-air experience hosting Citytv’s Breakfast Television, MTV Canada, TEDxVancouver, CTV News, and more. 

In his book ‘Every Conversation Counts - The 5 Habits of Human Connection That Build Extraordinary Relationships’, Riaz points to a new way forward for a better future—one in which we express genuine curiosity about others, listen with our whole hearts, show up as our authentic selves, and make every conversation count.

Takeaways from this episode with Riaz include:

  • Why we must go into every conversation with a ‘beginners mindset’, especially with those who we are closest to in life. 
  • Ways to become better at listening without distraction.
  • People don’t lack disciple, they lack necessity.
  • Why 'discover don't dismiss' will be your new mantra. 
  • Why asking the right questions can be much more effective than diagnosing or fixing someones problem.
  • How excuses show up in our lives, and how to recognize them in the moment. 
  • For more on Riaz,  follow @riazmeghji on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

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Episode 7

Season 1

by Mandy Gill