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Breast Health: What You Need to Know

A Breast Health Episode

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so it's a great time to think about breast health.

What's normal, what's not, and what can you do to keep your breasts healthy all year long, not just during October!

In this episode, I'm talking to Dr. Linsey Gold, a breast surgeon who is not only a practicing medical doctor but also shares her insights as a host on The Breast of Everything Podcast as well as on their Website.

She is a Fellowship trained Breast Surgeon, has worked as the Clinical Director of the Michigan Center for Breast Health, the Director of the Comprehensive Breast Center, Genesys Regional Medical Center. She is involved in the American Society of Breast Surgeons and is certified in Breast Ultrasound. Dr. Gold is alsoan Assistant Professor of Surgery at the Wayne State University School of Medicine and Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine. She is actively involved in clinical research and is an investigator and participant in a number of clinical trials under the oversight of the National Cancer Institute.

For 20 years she has been involved in the care of women throughout every stage of their life, from puberty through pregnancy, menopause, and beyond, she knows how daunting navigating your own personal health journey can be. Her goal is to make the process of finding quality information about breast health more intuitive and empowering.

In this week's episode, I'm talking with Dr. Gold about all things breast health, including normal breast changes, problematic changes, diagnostic tests, treatments, and how to prevent breast cancer.

This Week We Talk About:

  • Common conditions that lead women to schedule an appointment with a breast surgeon
  • Benign breast health conditions such as abscesses, breast pain
  • What are inverted nipples and when they may be a problem
  • The differences between types of breast imaging techniques
  • Advances in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Tips for breast health and care for healthy breasts for a lifetime
  • Dr. Gold's 2 big "no's" when it comes to breast health
  • Should you wear a bra? Is there a best "type" of bra?

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Where to find Dr. Gold:

Dr. Gold's Website: The Breast of Everything & Online Shop

Dr. Gold's Podcast: The Breast of Everything — be sure to catch my episode

The Breast of Everything Instagram

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