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by Crina Okumus
HOW CAN I HEAL with Crina Okumus

Nootropics the Future of Brain Performance | James Schmachtenberger, Co-Founder and CEO at Neurohacker Collective


In this week’s episode, I talk with James Schmachtenberger, founder and CEO of Neurohacker Collective.
James went through an inspirational healing journey when he was younger that greatly impacted his entrepreneurial path. He is now a successful serial entrepreneur with a lifelong focus on using business and innovation to effect large-scale change for the benefit of humanity.
In this inspiring episode, we discuss:
• The healing power of kindness in the face of trauma
• Practicing empathy to help yourself and others
• Vitamins and nootropics – what they are, how they help, and the differences between them
• The demonization of alternative medicines based on fear and ignorance
• How the safe use of cannabis could be key to improving people's quality of life

When James was 5 years old, he decided to be vegetarian. At the age of 10, he went door-to-door raising money for Greenpeace. Then, he bought a school close to bankruptcy aged 18.

Throughout his career, he’s created several companies in natural and integrative medicine, written legislation to improve prohibitionary laws, produced award-winning documentaries, and founded some of the top companies in education, cannabis, and human performance.

Find out more about Neurohacker here

Watch James’ Ted Talk about empathy


Episode 25

Season 1

by Crina Okumus