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by Amantha Imber
How I Work

My Favourite Tip: Gary Mehigan and the One-Page Reset


Gary Mehigan had just opened his first restaurant, and was confident that he’d mastered the art of cooking. However, he’d soon realise he was yet to master the business of cooking. So, he hired a business coach, and everything changed. 
The most important thing Gary learned from that coach? The one-page “reset.” 
Every night, over a cup of tea, Gary writes one page of reflections, questions and goals, and he swears by the process. He believes that whenever he lets this practice slide for too long, his performance - and the performance of his whole team - suffers. 
Gary breaks down how to use the one-page reset, and why writing the same thing every single day is not only OK - it’s actually the point. 
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You can find the full interview here: Mastering the business of cooking with chef Gary Mehigan
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by Amantha Imber