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by Amantha Imber
How I Work

Sally Hepworth on her No List, Brain Walks, and the Nifty Three Fifty rule


Sally Hepworth is not your typical reclusive writer. She may prefer to stay indoors (even on beautiful, sunny days), but she doesn’t work at a typewriter, and she’s pretty darn happy most of the time. 
Even so, the strict boundaries she sets to protect both her time and her personal space are integral to her success as a novelist. She might work from home, but she’s well aware that she’s still at work - which means no lunches or coffee meetings during the weekdays. 
Sally lets you in on her other favourite productivity tips, such as the “Nifty Three-Fifty” rule, her “brain walks”, and the importance of tending to the business end of being a writer.  
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by Amantha Imber