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How To Beat Exam Stress With Clare Josa

The Neuroscience Of Exam Stress – Why It’s Not All In Your Child’s Head [Podcast 004]


Today I’m taking you on a whistle-stop tour of the neuroscience of exam stress – demystified – so you can see how it’s not all in your child’s head. Plus, of course, I’ll be sharing what you can do about it.

We’re going to talk about:

  • the neural pathways that set tiny exam triggers off on the motorways in your child’s brain to become unconquerable mountains
  • the bit of their brain that filters out encouragement and positive feedback
  • to back up the negative self-talk they’re running
  • how stress affects their ability to think straight
  • why you can’t think your way out of exam stress and the power of the mind-body link.

Podcast Episode 4: The Neuroscience Of Exam Stress – Demystified

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The power of self-talk to affect your child's exam performance is immense. Take a quick tour of the neuroscience of exam stress - demystified - and learn how to help them.Click To Tweet

One of the most powerful ways to help them to clear the stress hormones that flood their body when they’re angry is a grounding breath, which you can find in technique #1 of the 7 1/2 Quick Fixes For Exam Stress course.

All of the techniques in the course work as soon as your child is calm enough to try them.

Over To You:

How can you see that neuroscience might be keeping your child stuck in exam stress?

How could you use what you learned in this episode to help them?

Got questions? Insights?

I’d love to hear from you, via the comments.

And if you found this podcast useful, please share it far and wide with others who might find it helpful.

x Clare

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