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by K&L Gates
Hydrogen Rising

Sizing up the Scale of MENA’s Potential Role in the Hydrogen Economy


In this episode of Hydrogen Rising, co-hosts David Wochner and Sandi Safro speak with Pawel Piotrowski of K&L Gates’ Doha office and Sholto Hanvey of the firm’s Dubai office about the potential role that the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region will play in a global hydrogen economy. Middle Eastern countries have played critical roles for decades in the energy sector and could do the same for hydrogen as well. A number of MENA projects promise a scale that could be game changing for the region and the broader hydrogen economy. This episode explores several of those projects, as well as the regulatory changes that may be necessary to facilitate the development of the hydrogen economy in the region.


Episode 20

by K&L Gates