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by Roberta Lucca
Hyper Curious

Being an Eco Warrior, exploring life post Rolling Stones and Aliens with Jo Wood


“I am a loving mother and grandmother. I've got 10 grandchildren. I'm an eco warrior. I'm a life adventurer.”

Jo Wood is so full of life. It’s hard to imagine she was once considered ‘just’ the wife of one of the most iconic rock and roll figures in history, Rolling Stones frontman, Ronnie Wood. But today Jo is on a mission to be invisible no more.

“You have to believe in yourself. I hadn't believed in myself, in my marriage, because it was all about my ex husband. My mother said to me once that as she got older, she became invisible. And I thought that was the saddest thing I'd ever heard.”

A misdiagnosis of Crohn’s disease set her on her current organic path, and now Jo is a massive advocate for environmental change, natural living and all things organic. After living the high life on the road with the Rolling Stones for over 25 years, Jo now lives happily off grid in the English countryside.

“I became so obsessed with all things organic that Keith told me once: ‘the trouble with you, darling, is you are addicted to organic food’.”

In today’s wonderfully curious conversation, Jo shares how her biggest lows in life drove her to become an entrepreneur, bringing her amazing organic products to the world, what she learned about herself and her limitations from appearing on TV shows like Strictly Come Dancing, Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls and Celebrity Masterchef. And if you believe in aliens, stay tuned to the end when Jo shares a story about seeing UFOs in Brazil.

On today’s podcast:

  • How a Crohn’s misdiagnosis put her on the organic path
  • The impact her divorce from Ronnie had on her business
  • Finding the mental strength to do Strictly
  • The importance of pushing yourself
  • Curiosity around aliens and UFOs
  • The organic legacy she wants to leave behind



Episode 10

Season 2

by Roberta Lucca