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by Roberta Lucca
Hyper Curious

Breaking Up with a Co-Founder & Why We Need Fulfilling Work with Dominic Jackson


When we spend over ⅓ of our week working, we need to be alive in what we do and do something that matters to us. Which is why Dominic Jackson founded Escape The City in 2010, with his former co-founder Rob Symington.

“It's out there for everyone and it's never been more accessible. There's really not much excuse these days to work for a cause that you don't believe in. So find that cause and be excited about it every day.”

In this latest episode, Dom talks about being lost in a large organisation and the process of leaving a corporate job to start your own business. Why our fear of failure increases as our business becomes more successful. And the very difficult moment when you have to break up with your co-founder and deal with all the emotions surrounding that.

“When you start a business it's like a marriage and you don't ever envisage what it would be like when it ends.”

Dom’s initial purpose with Escape The City was to build a platform to enable 1 million people in the corporate world to transition into fulfilling work. He hasn’t reached this goal yet, but his journey is well underway.

“There are so many people out there who are working in jobs that they don't like or working for organisations that are really not making the world a better place.”

From the motivation for founding Escape The City, to what drives Dom to get out of bed each morning, to how he sees the working world shifting, how he inspires his team, and going it alone. Don’t miss this incredibly emotional conversation with a very hyper curious entrepreneur.

On today’s podcast:

  • The genesis of Escape The City
  • Chasing for impact, not money
  • Why his biggest fear is failure
  • Moving on from breaking up with a co-founder
  • Inspiring his team



Episode 14

Season 2

by Roberta Lucca