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by Roberta Lucca
Hyper Curious

Tackling Polarisation Within Our Culture and Society with Jess Butcher


Today’s guest is naturally hyper curious - as a technology entrepreneur, angel investor and business advisor, Jess Butcher MBE has many strings to her bow. As the co-founder and CMO of Blippar from 2011-2015, Jess was at the helm during its ascent to become one of the global tech pioneers in the field of Augmented Reality.

Today, as one of the four recently appointed equality and human rights commissioners in the UK, Jess focuses her time and energy mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs, and public speaking and writing about subjects she’s incredibly passionate about, such as women in tech, work-life balance, and polarisation within our culture and society.

“The most successful entrepreneurs aren't motivated by money per se, but by impact and the scale of the impact that they can have. And that typically correlates with huge success and huge wealth.”

In this episode of Hyper Curious, we discuss the dilemma that all entrepreneurs have to balance our drive for business impact, versus personal matters, why we women should stop apologising for our decisions, and the need for nuanced conversations in our highly polarised world.

“It's incredibly simplistic and binary, how we talk about women in the workplace. And much of the broader narrative around feminism is very, very binary.”

From building a big beautiful scrappy portfolio career, to co-founding Blippar, finding co-founders, to the self awareness needed to change roles within the organisation, and debunking unconscious gender bias:

“The best way to challenge stereotypes is simply to live beyond them and demonstrate you’re doing that - you are not that stereotype and bollocks to it, quite frankly.”

On today’s podcast:

  • The superpower of a scrappy CV
  • The Blippar journey
  • Finding co-founders
  • Why the broader narrative around feminism is binary
  • Debunking unconscious bias



Episode 15

Season 2

by Roberta Lucca