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by Roberta Lucca
Hyper Curious

Why The Future Of Work Is Kindness & What We Can Learn From The Woods with Pip Jamieson


Pip Jamieson is a disruptive, creative, dynamic entrepreneur who embodies curiosity and has not only put social purpose and values at the heart of her tech business, The Dots, the professional network of the future loved by creatives and dubbed by Forbes as the next LinkedIn, she’s also fascinated by what we can learn from trees.
“There’s a web of fungi that exists in woodlands. It has been scientifically proven that trees transfer nutrients to trees that aren't doing so well. It’s an ecosystem balance that’s interlinked, and it’s everything I want the world to be.”
Pip is an incredible human diversity advocate, who credits her neurodiversity as her superpower, and in this episode, we talk about how to create a platform that's optimised for kindness and happiness. Not vanity or likes. And yes, it is possible.
“The big difference between us and LinkedIn is on LinkedIn you promote yourself via a CV and on The Dots you post projects, and then credit the full team around that project.”
We also talk about the future of work when people embrace fluid careers and make money from their passions.
“Our community, they are the slashie generation, they're the ones that are following their heart and purpose. And they're having to adapt to change, and to enjoy continuous learning, and sharing and skill swapping, and jumping from project to project and it just feels a much more fluid way.”
On today’s podcast:
  • Why LinkedIn is an individualistic experience
  • The Dots algorithm is based on positivity and kindness
  • Building a community that cares about each other
  • The link between dyslexia and entrepreneurs
  • What we can learn from nature



Episode 9

Season 2

by Roberta Lucca