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by Leslie M. Thornton
Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss

Ep 53 Meet Maurie, HPLW Graduate


How do you keep up when your mind runs thoughts more than what you can actually match with?

Nothing good will come out of this other than giving you anxiety and stress.

Finding tools that will not allow unwanted thoughts and emotions to overtake you and let you process and deal with them thoroughly will serve you better.

Our guest for today's episode, Maurie, an HPWL graduate, will walk us through her Hypnosis journey.

In this episode, Maurie talks about what it's like to be running and taking on the responsibility of managing a business that has been passed on for generations. With her own family dynamics to deal with, perfectionism and feeling of unworthiness add up to what seems a burden. She shares how the tools provided in her Hypnosis journey let her slow down for her to speed up.

Emotions like anger that most of us are having a hard time dealing with, she's able to manage well before it damages her and the relationships at stake. What she used not to have a special liking to doing it, she's now able to work on and turn it into something purposeful and productive.

Though to her, it really is scary; nonetheless, she breaks the barrier -- thinking and digging down deep as to delving into her 'whys' and 'hows' and being self-aware and ultimately becoming more of herself. Hypnosis for permanent weight loss gives her the chance of a lifelong journey of well-being and freedom.

"You can muscle yourself to eat or not eat almost anything for a short amount of time. It still doesn't fix the issues. I would say, lean in now, like a moth to light, go towards the light. And learn some new tools, more about learning about yourself. I think it makes a lifelong and much deeper, fulfilling journey." - Maurie

What you will learn from this episode:

01:41 - What life looks like in a ranch or farm

03:26 - Dealing with family life and a business that is passed on from generation to generation

06:03 - A year for her of slowing down to speed up

07:58 - Her journey in getting into Hypnosis and what it is like when your mind is running more than what you actually run

10:01 - Getting aware of her emotions with those deep-dive sessions

13:48 - The essential tools that helped her get past the anxiety and being self-aware and becoming more

16:08 - Working through that part of her that was not feeling worthy

16:53 - Being able to get her anger set off somewhere and not letting it control her

21:07 - The mental calmness she gained that allowed her more mental space

25:00 - How journaling immensely helped her get past those pains and aches

26:07 - Thinking deep down beyond just calorie in and calorie out

29:44 - What she says to those on the fence -- what her Hypnosis journey all about

32:10 - How her journey allows for vulnerability and a deeper look at her 'whys' and 'hows'

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Episode 53

Season 1

by Leslie M. Thornton