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I Am All In with Scott Patterson

"I'll Be Right There" (S5 E19 "But I'm a Gilmore!")

And we're back! Meet the Parents...EEK! The Huntzbergers are a handful, to say the least.
We're finding some real similarities between The Gilmores and The Huntzbergers.

We love seeing Luke out of the diner and in the Dragonfly Kitchen! How does he make those lamb chops?

Paris and Doyle are back and perfect. We're in to this couple and explain why.

On the other hand, we have Rory and Logan. We are nervous, we are concerned by the choices, and we just don't know if this relationship is a good idea.

Finally, would you take that job if Mitchum offered it to you??!??!

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I Am All In with Scott Patterson
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