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I Am All In with Scott Patterson

You Are Not Getting That House Part 1 (S5 E21 "Blame Booze and Melville")

So much to discuss! As we approach the Season 5 Finale we are discussing, debating, and disagreeing!
First, are you kidding me?? No one just gets a vasectomy sprung on them the day of their child's birth! We really have a bone to pick on this same day vasectomy with no warning or discussion thing!

Let's move on to Rory. Rory...we love you but really ??? You're going to throw everything away and steal a boat over some nonsense Mitchum has to say!

Kirk, you saved $247,000! Way to go buddy! We're doing some math to figure out how he did it...and it's not impossible!

Lorelai, you look amazing in orange but rip off the band-aid and tell your mom about the article. And, have you suddenly forgiven her behavior at the re-wedding?! Feels like you have.

Luke, why aren't you telling Lorelai about the house and that you want to buy it for her! Feels like too big of a thing to keep as a secret?!?! Right?

Lorelai and Luke...we're analyzing your sex life. Yep, we said it. Lorelai thinks she's pregnant but doesn't really WANT to be pregnant and this really has us going at it.
And, Lorelai TMI with the sex talk with your daughter. We know your BFF but...it was too much!

This episode has some saucy double entendre and we like it!

How much is toast going for these days?

Logan, we're ok with you this episode.

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I Am All In with Scott Patterson
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