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by Milton Justice
I Don't Need an Acting Class

Getting to Know You


In this episode, Milton draws parallels between the actor’s and writer’s process when it comes to creating a character. Both the actor and the writer have to live with a new character, talk with them, walk with them, get to know them fully, inside and out. The improvisational exercises we do as actors allow us to see how they behave, how they see the world. It’s not about getting the answer right, it’s a process of discovery that only comes from living with the character, and continually being curious about who they are. Through our contemplation, inquiry and experimentation they emerge. Every discovery we make is like another adjustment to a manual camera lens, and slowly, over time, the person comes into focus. Have a question for Milton? Email him at questionsformilton@gmail.com Brought to you by Anchor.fm and weaudition.com

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Episode 54

Season 3

by Milton Justice