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by Milton Justice
I Don't Need an Acting Class

What Cloud Am I Under?


Welcome to Season 3! Based on Stella Adler’s work with Stanislavsky, everything we do as actors comes out of the world of the play, or the given circumstances that the writer has given us. One way into the world is understand the playwright’s world view, what they want to say. This season, as the class begins working on George Bernard Shaw, Milton asks us to begin slowly brainstorming what the world of this great writer brings to mind. “Every idea he has is challenging popular thinking,” Milton says. “He writes with a strong, intelligent well-thought-out conviction, and so it tells me, as an actor, I have to be very, very clear.” Have a question for Milton? Email him at questionsformilton@gmail.com Brought to you by weaudition.com

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Episode 52

Season 3

by Milton Justice