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by IGN Entertainment
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Xbox Series X Reviews: One Month Later


Now that we're a month into the Xbox Series X run, we've gathered reviewers from IGN, GameSpot, and Bloomberg to discuss if the new Microsoft Xbox Series X console is living up to the hype. The hardware certainly shows a lot of promise but a lack of first-party support isn't doing Series X any favors.

The Review Crew is a weekly show where we gather folks from all over the gaming community to discuss the biggest reviews. In previous episodes, we’ve discussed Sony's PlayStation 5, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and Spider-Man: Morales.

The IGN Xbox Series X review published just over a month ago, and here we discuss our changing thoughts on the Xbox hardware, our thoughts Xbox games, specifically a lack of first party support from Xbox Games Studios, and the outstanding value of Game Pass.



by IGN Entertainment