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by The Midult
I'm Absolutely Fine! by The Midult

Episode 82: How to stop people pleasing with Emma Reed Turrell


These are turbulent times, aren’t they? We have bent ourselves in all sorts of shapes over the last year and not in a fun way. Now that we are slowly blinking in the sunlight we are not sure who we are anymore and - in particular - who we are in relation to everyone else. Thankfully our guest this week is Emma Reed Turrell, a psychotherapist who has written the definitive book on people pleasing, called Please Yourself, which is out now. Are you a people pleaser? There are few different types you know - even some bolshy ones. So whether you have fallen down a people pleasing hole in lockdown, to whether you suspect that you’ve held yourself hostage to other people’s feelings, this is for you…



by The Midult