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by Michael Doppe
"I'm B.A.T.man" - Your Bay Area Theatre Podcast

Episode 08 - Keaton Wilkerson


Keaton Wilkerson is off to a pretty good start in his journey in the BAT world. After finishing college and returning to his home in the East Bay last fall he has only had a handful of weeks where he wasn't in rehearsal or performance. Keaton and I met 5 years ago and, although he isn't much younger than me, I am taken by the familiarity of his struggles and successes in trying to break out from one community and break into a much larger world. I sat with Keaton between lessons (he teaches voice and piano) and we were able to discuss his journey, as well as his latest project: "Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown" at Town Hall Theatre in Lafayette.


Episode 8

Season 1

by Michael Doppe