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by Priya Saraswat
Immersive Experiences

Episode 08 Empathic Design


Empathic design is not just a conceptual thought, it’s a belief that we can understand group behavior, social influences and can develop an emotional and cognitive empathy towards larger number of people. Thus, designing products and services that matches their expectations. The neuroanatomy of our brains may allow us to feel empathy for another’s experiences, but it can also stop us from making cross-cultural connections resulting in an empathy gap. However, an active attempt to understand those cultural and psychological differences through observation, curiosity, active listening and opening up can help us overcome our bias, stereotypes and prejudice for individuals and different groups.

In this episode, we will try to understand to what extent we can empathize with a group of people and the effects empathy has on our overall design process.


Episode 8

Season 1

by Priya Saraswat