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014 [Q & A] Navigating Children’s Screen Withdrawals


Parenting in the digital age is akin to deactivating an explosive device. When screen limits are enforced after a period of flexibility, children react. Parenting in these circumstances takes a special kind of know-how. In this episode, Kimberley responds to listener’s questions about toddlers, tweens and teens on the topic of screen time withdrawals. Listen up as we explore: 1. How to help children to prepare for a digital detox 2. What parents can do to minimise screen withdrawals 3. How to help your child expand their interests outside the home If you liked this episode of Impressive, click ‘Subscribe’ and ‘Review’ in your podcast app. Impressive is a weekly podcast for parents who like to find answers faster, do things differently and take their families further! To apply for an on-air consultation, email: support@quirkykid.com.au