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In Good Companies

Trends with Benefits: Talent Acquisition in Today’s Economy

In Good Companies
In Good Companies

Full-length episodes from In Good Companies are almost back! To prepare, we’re previewing Season Three with extras from some of our favorite conversations.

In this bonus episode, you’ll meet Jennifer McNorton, Senior Director of Talent Attraction at Indeed, one of the most popular job sites in the world. Jenn is in charge of sourcing and recruiting for leadership positions at Indeed. But she doesn’t just manage hiring at a top tech company–from her vantage point, she sees talent acquisition trends across the economy.

So on this bonus episode, we explore the macro view of talent acquisition: how the workforce has evolved and why companies are competing for talent like never before. Hear how you can differentiate your business and offer what jobseekers value most.


  • What is “talent attraction”? (1:37)
  • The three key hiring battles (2:18)
  • The biggest misconception about talent attraction (4:08)
  • The value of proactive differentiation (6:05)
  • How small & medium businesses can compete with fewer resources (9:06)
  • The benefits and perks that jobseekers value most (10:47)
  • These trends are here to stay (13:43)
  • Patrick summary (15:05)



If you have questions about the show or topics you'd like discussed in future episodes, email our producers, sheena.cochran@cadencebank.com or danielle.kernell@cadencebank.com.

In Good Companies
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