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by Sandro Demaio
In Good Health

Healthy at home: Dancing in the rain


We know that physical distancing is tough on a lot of people - we are feeling it too. So what should we look out for both in ourselves and others to maintain good mental health? In this episode, we speak to Beyond Blue's Dr Grant Blashki about strategies to cope during the pandemic as well as warning signs to watch out for. Writer and mental health advocate also joins us to talk one-woman dance parties and ways to be a good friend, especially to those living alone at the moment. And, Dr Sandro gives us his top tips for nourishing, healthy comfort food.
Show notes:
  • Beyond Blue has launched a dedicated Coronavirus website, including an online forum for those seeking community support, coronovirus.beyondblue.org.au
  • Beyond Blue's Coronavirus mental wellbeing support line is 1800 512 348
  • If you are feeling in crisis or at risk, call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or call 000
  • For Victorian listeners, up to date Coronavirus health information is available at dhhs.vic.gov.au/coronavirus
  • Read more about Jill Stark's work at jillstark.com.au
  • To ask Dr Sandro a question or give us feedback, follow him on instagram.com/sandrodemaio or twitter.com/sandrodemaio


Episode 10

Season 1

by Sandro Demaio