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by Alex Robles
"In My Grow Show"

Chelsea Sutula from Sespe Creek Collective


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Strain of the Week: Welcome and thank you for hanging out. Later I’m going to talk to Chelsea Sutula about the historic cannabis vote in Ojai. I hope everyone's cannabis gardens are looking great. If you're growing outdoors you have a few more weeks of veg before flowering starts. Keep an eye out for moth flight, they will lay eggs that turn into hungry caterpillars. A lot of new cannabis businesses have been licenced around here lately.

Report from the cannabis front line:

Texas hurt my brain with hemp rules.https://www.marijuanamoment.net/texas-ruling-means-smokable-hemp-can-be-sold-in-state-but-must-be-grown-elsewhere/

Cherokee Nation pass medical cannabis laws https://hightimes.com/news/cherokee-group-officially-legalizes/

Employee cannabis protectins for PR https://norml.org/blog/2021/08/03/puerto-rico-law-signed-protecting-medical-cannabis-patients-from-employment-discrimination/



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Earthbound by Slynk

Road Trip by Slynk

Six O’Clock Rush by Track Tribe

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by Alex Robles