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by Alex Robles
"In My Grow Show"



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Show Notes: Welcome to Ep. 157. I was in San Diego this past week. I stopped by San Diego Recreational Cannabis SDRC for a sativa pre-roll. I spoke to a couple of budtenders Ryan and Madiella or Madiana, I don’t remember her name. She helped me pick a Hella Dank pre-roll, they should give her a raise. If not sure what you want ask the budtender what people keep coming back for and what they prefer.

Strain of the Week: Pre-roll flower review and comparison. Ready to roll shake, Screaming Trumpets vs. Baker Close up and side by side. GMO

Social Media: Rodney and I did an IG live on Sat for the new radio show Talking Plant on 99.3. We also went down to check out the studio. We did get a chance to take any pics of the studio because someone was in there recording.

Report from the cannabis front line:

Psilocybin and depression https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2021-07/yu-psg070121.php?mc_cid=1908607e38&mc_eid=cdb017092f

Oklahoma is the wild west of cannabis right now



Scromiring https://www.health.com/mind-body/scromiting

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by Alex Robles