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by Josh Minton
In Our House Now: “ An Inquiry Into Twin Peaks The Return”

Episode 1: "BAGGAGE"


When John and I sat down to start planning this new podcast, in which we will discuss themes of Twin Peaks The Return, he and I agreed on this theme for Episode 1 immediately.

What is the baggage that we brought, and continue to bring, with us into our first watch and our repeated viewings of Twin Peaks The Return (or Season 3 if you prefer)?

This is an important conversation because it sets every viewer on equal footing of analyzing and processing who each of us are as we begin to engage with a very difficult narrative expression.

Some fans knew early that there was going to be a night scene where a major character screamed murderously. Did knowing that scene was coming negatively impact those fans viewing of Season 3 and their current feelings as they look back on it?

In The Return, a major character is raped by someone we thought was a hero. Whether that some aspect of this character's behavior. Is that baggage?

Is it necessary to have seen Fire Walk With Me in order to have the proper context in which to fully appreciate The Return?

So much to discuss as we elevate the conversation about Twin Peaks The Return.


Episode 2

by Josh Minton