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Inside the Crime

Episode 2: The Crime Scene

Inside the Crime
Inside the Crime
In the last episode, we got to know Charles Self through the memories of his friends and colleagues. They spoke of a man who was generous, charming, talented and with a zest for life.

However, just a few weeks shy of his 33rd birthday, Charles was murdered in his own home. Stabbed and strangled, left to die at the bottom of the stairs.

He had brought someone home that night, but who? And there was another person asleep upstairs, could they have heard anything?

In this episode, we'll bring you into the crime scene, exploring what gardaí from Dun Laoghaire Garda Station were confronted with when they responded to the 999 call.

We'll also track Charles' last known movements, hour by hour, leading up to the last person to see him alive.

Could this person hold the key to solving his murder?

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Inside the Crime
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