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by Matthew Hicks
Integrative Psychiatry Review

005 - Sex Talk with Evelin Dacker, MD


In this episode I speak with Dr. Evelin Dacker, executive director of SexPositive Portland. We discuss:

  • Mission of SexPositive Portland
  • Why is sex important for our mental health or otherwise?
  • What are the consequences of denying our sexual nature?
  • How would one go about exploring their sexuality?
  • Myth-busting:
    • Porn leads to "deviance"
    • Masturbation is for people who can't get laid
    • Polyamory is for sex addicts
    • BDSM and kink are unhealthy
  • How can someone who is single explore these things without a partner?
  • What can a cis-gendered, straight, vanilla person learn from the queer/poly/kink community even if they have no interest in any of those lifestyles?




Disclaimer: topics discussed on the podcast are for educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Consult with your medical provider about the appropriateness of these interventions in your individual case.

Music credit: American Vernacular by RAGE

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by Matthew Hicks