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by Matthew Hicks
Integrative Psychiatry Review

011 - Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy with Will Barone, PsyD


I speak with Will Barone, PhD, a clinical psychologist in Oakland, California with both research and clinical experience in psychedelics. We discuss the following: 

What is Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy?

For the sake of harm reduction, what should people know about street ketamine use in recreational settings? What are the contraindications, risks, and suggestions for safe use?

What is the history of ketamine’s discovery and use?

What is the chemistry of ketamine?

What brain regions are involved?

Why is it an effective treatment for depression?

What else is it good for?

What is your treatment protocol? What are other models?

What form of psychotherapy do you use?

What are the qualitative differences between ketamine and other psychedelics?

Useful links:

The RiverStyx foundation: https://www.riverstyxfoundation.org/

Healing Realms Center: https://www.healingrealmscenter.com/

KRIYA institute: https://www.kriyainstitute.com/   

Disclaimer: topics discussed on the podcast are for educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Consult with your medical provider about the appropriateness of these interventions in your individual case.

Music credit: American Vernacular by RAGE

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by Matthew Hicks